Diary of a Madman

The Candle Is Presented
Birth of a Cell

Life has many paths, full of twists and turns, uncertainty and determination. When you place one foot in front of the other, those paths are always before you. Some of you have relished taking the path straight ahead while others enjoy the chaos of travelling life’s network of twisting trails. In the winter of 1985, through coincidence or fate, your paths have taken you all to the vicinity of Princeton, NJ.

What you do not know is that soon, your paths will colide at a dead end; the only way ahead through dark menacing woods. Hateful things wait among the gnarled trees; Creatures full of gnashing teeth and dripping claws.

Your one saving grace will be that others travel these woods as well; flickering candles in the darkness. Seek them out and keep your friends close, for the paths of life may be travelled alone, but the woods you are about to enter require skills, resolve and numbers to survive.


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