Character creation details
Since you will all be starting ignorant of the supernatural world’s true existence, you will not have access to the resources and abilities of the various cells, compacts and conspiracies outlined in the Hunter: The Vigil book. That said, you eventually will as the story progresses. As you all work your way up the various Hunter tiers, I’ll be granting a boost of XP to spend on resources and abilities of the groups you have access too. As you learn about them, take note of which you want to impress and eventually join. Hunter factions are somewhat less agressive towards eachother than what we’re used to, so it won’t be an issue having some people belong to different groups.

What this means:
When creating your character (aside from the general human generation in the WoD handbook), you will be able to choose professions, merits (pay attention to any tier requirements. You will technically have no tier. Don’t take any of the compact or conspiracy abilities. When you reach tier one, you will get a chunck of experience (regular and practical) to use on newly available skills.

When/where does the story take place
The story will begin in the winter of 1985; Princeton, NJ

Diary of a Madman

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